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Projects & Activities

Regular Medical Camps
Home for destitute children
Shelters for Homeless
Short stay homes for women
Public Awareness Campaigns
Regular Medical Camps
Pulse Polio awareness
Skill Trainings
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Ayushi Jan Sewa Welfare Foundation - Projects

1:- For regular Dispensary:- We are inserted to start regular Dispensary, where we can provide free treatment, General checkup, OPD, miner surgery and tika-karan. In an effort to provide health care facilities to the people a full-fledged regular dispensary is being run. A general physician attends the dispensary on weekdays. Medicines are also provided to the patients free of cost, In addition to this, community based activities like regular immunization drive for children are also undertaken. Nutrition camps are also organized for women.

2:- Women development:- Foundation wants to start high level women development program for poor and under income people of society.  Development Programme enables women to take more control over their own lives by identifying the clear, practical and realistic steps that they want to take and developing the skills and confidence to take them. Others focus in programme is to train them how to tackle issues in their personal life, such as sorting out difficult relationships, improving health, dealing with stress and gaining a work/life balance.

3:- OLD Age Home:- To provide comprehensive & quality care to Senior citizen & ensure that they should live with security & dignity in a secure , compassionate, congenial environment. To provide companionship, emotional, therapeutic occupation, recreation facilities& activities to overcome social isolation. To act as a centre where the knowledge & experience of life of the senior citizen are utilized in a constructive manner so as to contribute more meaningfully to both, the residents & the society.
4:- Homes for Children and Handicapped:-Here we want to provide education, Employment, food, etc. for Handicap and Street children . To support handicapped & children from 4 to 12 years of age who have been abused, neglected, at-risk or abandoned by their families, parents or guardians by enabling them to grow up within the love of a family and the security of a home, so that they can fulfill their potential. 

 5:- Poor girls marriage :- Our aim is to helps in commencing the marriage ceremonies of poor and orphaned girls & supports their parents in these difficult situations by providing them with basic items necessary for newlywed girls, including dresses, shoes, utensils, bedding, fans, sewing machines, etc

Current programs have been conducting on city level with self arranged funds. If we receive any support from esteem agencies, we shall try to do that too on state level.

Free Eye checkup & Health checkup ( Distribution of  Free medicine)
Free Distribution of Food  ( Monthly Basic)
Children Education

  • Awareness for Street & Working Children.
  • Children & Women Development
  • Free Distribution of Food.
  • Helpage assisted in the formulation of the National Policy for Older Persons


Regular Programmes
To provide education for poor and slum children
Free Health Check up
Free Distribution of Food
Women Skill Development

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call us at No. 9555029781,9873358673, 9911108893
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please call us at No. 9555029781,9873358673, 9911108893
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