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Projects & Activities

Regular Medical Camps
Home for destitute children
Shelters for Homeless
Short stay homes for women
Public Awareness Campaigns
Regular Medical Camps
Pulse Polio awareness
Skill Trainings
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Ayushi Jan Sewa Welfare Foundation - Programmes

1:- Free Eye & Oral Health Treatment checkup camp:-The trust is abide to organized Free Eye & oral Health checkup at free of cost. The trust provides the free medicines, health check up, eyes testing etc for the benefits of the economically backward , they should make the best use of it advises. Main focus is to provide specialist medical advice to patients suffering from hazardous diseases & to create awareness on the part of patient about those diseases. Health Care conducted in rural areas so as to control the diseases prevalence and that too help in reduction of some percentage of morbidity & mortality in support of this charitable activities.

2:- Free Distribution of Food:- Ayushi Jan Sewa is a non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating hunger and malnutrition in the country by recovering fresh and nutritious foods and distributing it to those who need it most mainly for people under BPL card.

3:-Children Education:-Ayushi Jan Sewa Welfare Foundation, has started an education centre to provide the education to the children who are economically backward. Organization is to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of area. Our team comprises of educationists, development professionals, media personnel, workers, activists, consultants, who all bring their experiences and perspectives to the organization and are unified by the common vision of improving the future of our children

4:- Women development. The trust has organized free women development program for poor and under income people of society, wherein, foundation has support society through various training programme on tailoring, embroidery, and computer course & beautician training. To conduct personality development programmes for the benefits of rural women to ensure participation in development activities implemented by various government agencies.

  • Free Eye checkup & Health checkup ( Distribution of  Free medicine)
  • Free Distribution of Food  ( Monthly Basic)
  • Children Education
To work with Socio – Economically weaker section of the Trust with a special emphasis on women, children & HEALTH CHECKUP


Regular Programmes
To provide education for poor and slum children
Free Health Check up
Free Distribution of Food
Women Skill Development

Contact Us
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call us at No. 9555029781,9873358673, 9911108893
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please call us at No. 9555029781,9873358673, 9911108893
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